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Amazon’s Roku 4K HDR streamer

Amazon's Roku 4K HDR streamer
6 Mar

Amazon’s Roku 4K HDR streamer

The good about is that the Roku Ultra can access more movies & TV shows in 4K and HDR than most of it’s rival devices. It has the maximum features than of any other Roku streamer. Unlike Chrome cast Ultra it includes a remote plus an Amazon Video app. The Roku’s ecosystem offers more apps,  more customisation  & better search than any other. You can also use the optical audio with the older receivers and sound bars.

On the flip side it’s even more expensive than the Roku Premiere+. The content  in HDR & 4K is still uncommon. Your HDR TV probably already has some of the compatible apps. The Ultra doesn’t work with with Dolby Vision HDR unlike some of those TVs. Some app interfaces are not as polished as the ones on rival devices.

The bottom line is that if you own a 4K TV & a AV receiver or a sound bar which does not pass the 4K HDR signals, then the Roku Ultra is a great 4K streaming choice for you. 

However, every time some newfangled home theatre format comes into the market like 3D, 4K, high-definition or high dynamic range, you just have to upgrade everything associated with it. Then not only do you need a new TV, but you also need a new sound bar or AV receiver ,source device.

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