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Get a Free Month of DirecTV NOW on Roku

Get a Free Month of DirecTV NOW on Roku
15 Jun

Get a Free Month of DirecTV NOW on Roku

More and more people are deciding on to ditch their costly cable bill and flow to cheaper and extra flexible live streaming services like Hulu live or play station Vue. Another live television streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV NOW, was currently rolled out to Roku gadgets this week. To assist promote this, the organization is offering a free one-month trial. Roku technical support is the contact where all the queries of users are faced by some expertise of the support system.

The live streaming television service enterprise is becoming a crowded place and a bit complicated. Not all services offer the equal capabilities or programming. a few have a better on-demand library. Access to some live events differs depending on your area. Additionally, not all services are supported on the gadgets. And ultimately, there is the matter of cost. Happily, each one gives a limited trial for you to try before you purchase.

Note: To get this trial you have to be a new subscriber and a Roku tool that may be a minimum of the Roku 2 (model 4210) or more recent and follow the steps mentioned below. Also, observe which you want to redeem the promo by way of 8/31/17. Roku tech support and roku phone number are two other contacts where we can connect to the support system of the Roku helpline.

Free Month of DirecTV NOW for Roku

To get the free month provide, head to directvnow.com/roku and copy the promo code on the front top of the page. After that click the Redeem & Stream button in the bottom right corner and create your account.

Then choose the plan you want. Since you’re getting this free for a month… might as properly choose the “Gotta Have It” package deal as it gives the most channels.

The most important issue to do when entering in your credit card data is to make sure you plug within the Promo Code. In case you don’t, you’ll only get the 7-day trial. Roku help & support is 24*7 available for the users of roku.

Make sure to mark down the date the trial duration ends in case you need to cancel. In any other case, you’ll routinely be charged the entire amount on your credit score card. Or… do like Jack and cancel the service right away after you sign-up. This manner, you won’t get caught with something you don’t need. If you like it, just renew it.

If you haven’t tried a live TV streaming service before, this is a superb time to give one a try. Even if you end up cancelling, it’ll give you an idea of what to expect and whether or not you would want to cut the cord. It’s also well worth bringing up that, in addition to a Roku device, this free month trial works on all of the devices DirecTV NOW supports. Roku enter link code is useful for the link of activation of the Roku.

I signed up for the free month and will be putting up a review of the service quickly. However, after simply a couple of days with it — I will say I’ve been too impressed.