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How Do I Change My Netflix Account On Roku?

14 Nov

How Do I Change My Netflix Account On Roku?

To help you get started with your

Netflix on Roku

it is necessary to start an account on it, which

you can do by following a very simple procedure explained here. Alternatively, you can get help

from the

Roku Support services

available at the Roku Website.

Changing you Netflix account is very easy:

1. First navigate to the Roku Home Menu after opening the Roku device menu on television

2. A list of options is available which include “My Channels,” Select the option.

3. Select Netflix app on your channel list and click “remove channel” on the list of options.

4. Netflix will be now deleted from your device.

5. Go back to Roku Home Menu and choose “channel store” from the given list of options. Click

Netflix, download it, and create a new account on it.

6. To edit the app you need to press the star button. This will allow you to make the necessary

changes that you wish to do.

You can make changes to your Netflix account on Roku all you need to do is call the Toll free

number to contact our

Roku Support

team and they will help you through the step by step

process to make the changes you want on your Netflix account.