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How to add 5 new free Roku channels

17 Aug

How to add 5 new free Roku channels

The users of ROKU keep asking the ROKU Tech Support that how all the users can get free TV channels. Also they ask for new channels. ROKU always tries to deliver best channels and services which are the most reliable and trustable ones.
Also ROKU listens their customer’s reviews. Also ROKU introduced five new free channels .Following are the new channels which are launched in the market by ROKU.

To watch the channels the users have to easily and simply click the link at the below and enjoy the streaming.


Epic Meal Time: The Epic Meal Time is a channel which always captivate you toward the food video that never eat in your entire Life including “150 lb. Pizza”, “Nutella Bomb”, “Big Fried Chicken Sandwich”. It will watch the full of food video that you never knew and you wanted to eat – deep fry the bacon Strip and wrapped the more number of Bacon Strip and so on.

Text Twist: The game lover has to make as many as word as possible by using the 6 and 7 letter randomly. These combination of these letter will move you one stage upward i.e. next level. This kind of channel will sharp your brain and do exercise of brain at once in a day. Roku tech Support will define the way how to add the text twist channel.

Draw: The Lone Ranger and john Wayne Flicks are the title which entertained the old Western Fan. It contains the video that not only have a spaghetti Westerns but also contain the Old West. From the Western TV to Serial TV, You can definitely watch into Draw Channel.

The Sweet Spot: the user will see the stories behind the scene and bring the artists fans authors player and so on who shares their stories that you wouldn’t find anywhere. The Sweet Spot will show the documentaries film and stories about the celebrities. It focus on the beautiful small stories that will touch your heart deeply.

Tpsy: Tpsy is a channel through which you can make your Life easy, better and beautiful. This channel contains the information regarding Makeup, Pets, Food, Cocktail, Travel, Decorative tip and so on. By watching the channel, you will get the videos which describes how to pack booze in your small suitcase, ways to reduce the work pressure and so on.

If the user can’t able to subscribe these free channel, then Roku Tech Support will guide you the best way to add these new free Roku Channel into your Roku