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How to Connect Roku to TV

19 Jul

How to Connect Roku to TV

In this blog we are providing you an information that how to install Roku and how to connect Roku with your TV. Roku is a device we connect it to our TV for streaming digital media.

Plug the HDMI cord into the TV

  1. Plug the HDMI cord into the TV
  • When you will plug in the HDMI cord cable into the TV then it will give you audio/visual when we will turn on the device.
  • The HDMI cord cable is of 5-6 feet long and it has 2 plugins on each end of the cord cable which of pentagon shaped.
  • Input for HDMI cable is right side behind the TV. There are some TVs which have more than one input.
  • Older TV has composite connection at place of HDMI cable connection.
  • If with your Roku device there are not come HDMI cable then you will need to buy.
  • This component connection has green, blue. Red circular outlets.
  • Instead of this composite connection will have yellow, white, and red circular outlets.

Insert batteries into the remote

  1. Insert batteries into the remote
  • We can insert the batteries into the remote by open the back of remote and install the 2 AAA batteries.
  • These batteries should come with the Roku player pack but if there is not come with Roku player then you can buy any standard AAA batteries they will also work fine.
  • Open the battery cover by pressing the latch at the top of the cover.

 Plug-in power adapter into wall


  1. Plug-in power adapter into wall

Plug-in your Roku player’s power adapter into the wall outlet cause without this Roku can’t get power and if Roku will not get power then how it can work.

Plug the other end of the adapter into Roku

. Plug the other end of the adapter into Roku

  • Device should start by itself.
  • Note this thing that Roku streaming player don’t have a power button.
  • When you are connecting to the Roku player, check that your TV is off or not.

Turn on TV then change to the input to which connected Roku

  1. Turn on TV then change to the input to which connected Roku


After plug-in of Roku player there will generate a message:

  • Roku – Starting, please wait
  • Roku – Launching home screen
  • Welcome to the Roku player

Press Ok button

  1. PressOk button.

Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Connect to Wi-Fi

Roku player which support

  • We can connect to Wi-Fi, for this firstly we have to click on your network which you use for other Wi-Fi devices and after that enter your password.
  • There are some models of Roku player which support an Ethernet cable for internet access and connect to Wi-Fi where you can connect it to the port which looks like the phone jack behind the Roku.
  • The Roku streaming player can automatically detect the nearby wireless networks.

wait for some time while Roku installing software

  • In Roku player there will be automatic download of the software and also auto update.
  • After the all software updates, the player will automatically reboot itself.


  1. Enter Information

This is already done when the Roku reboots itself after installing its software.

Enter Information

  1. ClickDone
  • After entering information there will prompt out a code message that you can enter at www.roku.com/link when you want to sync your Roku account with the device.
  • You can login any existing account and can create a new account.
  • While you are creating or setting up new account then you will need to give your credit card number. Roku device is free to use, your card will be charged only when you want to purchase an app or any subscription.

11. Roku tech Support

If you are facing any kind of problem while doing this Roku activation process. We will provide your Roku assistance on call or connect with us on chat as well.