How to update the Roku streaming device software

How to update the Roku streaming device software

Roku streaming devices are designed in such a way that they always ensure that streaming player always running the latest version of software. When we initially start the Roku device it will automatically check for the new updates of the software, it checks that is there available a software to update or download. Whenever the Roku player is power on, it also checks randomly for the software updates in 2-36 hours. If you want more Roku player software updates then you can click on Roku help & support.

When Roku updates itself, it doesn’t interrupt your any application or process. All the download and installation are done automatically without any interruption.

If you want to check manually:

Users if you want to check all the updates of your Roku streaming player then they have to check it manually for these updates.

  • If you’re Roku streaming player disconnected for an enlarged period of time.
  • If you recently installed a channel from
  • If you recently installed a non-certified channel.

Manually checking for updates

Users follow the instructions written below to manually check for the Roku streaming player software and channel updates.

  1. First of all press on your remote to open the main screen of the Roku.
  2. After then scroll up or down and select Settings.
  3. Then select System.
  4. Select System update of the Roku player.

Note: The System update screen of Roku shows the currently running software and build version, together with the date and time of the current update.

  1. Select Check Now option in Rokuto manually check for updates.

If there is new software available or there are available any software updates for your Roku channels, then your Roku device will download and install them automatically and then after once it completed your Roku streaming device will reboot.