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Steps to improve your internet on your Roku player

Tips to improve Wi-Fi connection on your Roku player
28 Mar

Steps to improve your internet on your Roku player

Roku player is a live streaming device that brings entertainment content from your favorite websites such as Netflix, Amazon, etc. directly to your TV. This enables your TV to be a smart TV and allows you to access content without much effort. The seamlessness of the connection depends on the Wi-Fi strength, and sometimes the faulty Wi-Fi can make the experience with Roku player cumbersome. Here in this article, we give you great tips to improve the internet and Wi-Fi connection on your Roku player so that you can enjoy non-stop content on your TV easily.

You may be having spotty Wi-Fi issues or frustrating connectivity. We have the perfect solutions for those problems. Some common issues in the Roku player can be resolved on your own, without waiting for the technician to come and check it. You only need a sharp eye to follow our instructions and identify the problem. If you have difficulty in determining the issue, then feel free to contact the Roku support Service team to resolve the problem.

  1. Router location

Routers are the gateway for the internet signals. They need to be placed in such a way that they can capture maximum signals broadcasted. In other words, they need to be placed on top of open spaces so that there is no interference in the signal. If you are facing signal issues, try changing the location of the router to a place where the maximum signal can be attained. Avoid placing them near windows, or in basements. If you are not able to get satisfactory results, then you can go on to the next tip.

  1. The direction of Roku player

In this case, the player needs to be placed in the direction of the signal so that it can capture it adequately. If you are facing issues, you can change the direction of the signal receiver to see whether the reception has improved or not. You can connect your Roku player directly to Ethernet cable to see whether the reception problem has been resolved.

  1. Firmware Upgradation

 From time to time, Manufacturers send software patch files that rectify a problem in Roku player. This firmware needs to be up to date in the Roku player for it to function properly. Check the manufacturer’s website for firmware releases. Also, check whether your router is optimal for live streaming technology as old routers based on 802.11 g/b do not have the complete bandwidth for the newer live streaming technology.

  1. Check internet speed

Sometimes interruption in the service could be caused by slow internet connections. You can check your internet speed easily by performing speed test from websites. Good streaming experience requires a proper internet connection. A minimum speed of 3 Mbps is necessary to have a pleasurable live streaming experience.

  1. Use an extender

You can use a wireless extender to boost the signal. This can help you to increase the coverage of the signals and increase the streaming experience.

Use these tips and quickly improve the connection of Wi-Fi with your Roku player.