Steps to Turn Off Roku with Steps

Steps to Turn Off Roku with Steps

If you have your own Roku Players, then know about how to off the Roku device after using it. Now it is very simple to off the Roku Player. Disable the Roku players is depend upon the different version of Roku. Almost all the models of Roku uses 4 watts when it is not in use and while using it would take 6 watt. Follow the below instructions to turn of the Roku Player.

There are various kind of Roku Streaming Player which is manufactured by the Roku, Inc. Roku partners offers the top content and offers the hundreds of channels. It can also get the video stream data through wired connection or W-Fi connection to an internet router. The content is output by connecting the audio cable, video cable, or HDMI cable. These Roku Devices can be connected with any TV set by connecting the appropriate input. Roku technical support will suggest you the excellent guidance to turn off the Roku player.


The Roku 4 has come with advanced features which allows you to turn off the player. Just go to Settings > System > Power.Turn Off Roku 4

You can choose:

Auto power off – Power off the player automatically within 30 minutes.

System Restart – Reboot the system

Power off – Completely shut down the Roku

Turn off the Roku 4 by pressing any one of these buttons on the Roku remote box. But Roku 4 and Roku 3 devices having different methods to disable the Roku player. Follow the below instructions.

Turn Off Roku 3

In Roku 3, there is no dedicated switch off button to turn off the Roku 3. To shut down the Roku 3, take out the Power source out, that is unplug the power cord directly. Automatically the Roku 3 goes in saving mode after the 30 minutes. But it won’t turn of completely. You can turn off by using SmartStrip Power Strip. If still not solve the issues, then Roku help support experts will fix out the turn off issues.

Turn Off Roku 2

It is same as Roku 3, there is no dedicated turn off button in Roku 2 player. Roku 2 XS and Roku SE are included in Roku 2. Disconnect the power source directly to completely shut down the Roku 2. It directly goes into power saving mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. The Device is still activated or turned on. You can turn off by using SmartStrip Power Strip.

Turn Off Roku Stick

Plug out the Power source directly from Power socket in order to Power off in Roku Stick.

Turn off Roku Using SmartStrip Power Strip

If you really want to save the energy or electricity costs, then you can turn off the Roku 2 through SmartStrip Power Strip. By using it, then you can use your TV to turn on/off the Roku player. When you turn off your TV, it will automatically off the Roku. But When you turn on the TV then you will boot up your Roku devices automatically which will take couple of seconds.

If you have any issues and want to get the further tips and suggestion, then directly make a call Roku technical support number to get the instant result.