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Twitter’s TV video App is now available on Roku

Twitter’s TV video App is now available on Roku
31 May

Twitter’s TV video App is now available on Roku

Twitter is attempting to construct a reputable living room video platform, and it’s tough to get there without checking Roku off on your list of supported devices. Today the company is doing that with a new app available from Roku’s store, and you don’t need a Twitter account to stream live video. Twitter’s television-based video app is already available on Apple television, Xbox One, and Amazon’s fire television gadgets. Roku tech support is the support helpline where you can query anything you want users.

The Roku app serves up Twitter’s mix of live video companions — a random soup of sports, news, entertainment, big activities, and authentic content. With the Roku app, you’ll be able to transfer between shows on every occasion a couple of streams are live at the same time, and you’ll see a cascade of relevant tweets scrolling through as you watch.

This week, Twitter announced a slew of latest programming coming this year. Bloomberg can be doing 24/7 news; there’s additionally a 24/7 sports activities “channel” in the works. The company will broadcast WNBA games and a brand new MLB display (it already streams one baseball (generic term) per week), and live country will broadcast a few live shows through the app. Oh! And I almost forgot: The Verge could be doing a weekly gadget show, too. Roku phone number is the contact where you can call to the assistance of the Roku devices.

That’s a decent investment for the future, however things aren’t excellent right now. The variety of people I’ve talked to at the Verge who use Twitter’s video app with any regularity is close to zero. That’s in all likelihood due to the fact there’s little coherence to it. Twitter is getting the crucial devices on board, however it still needs to position forward a product that certainly feels important. Not Netflix essential, necessarily. However at the least something I’ll need on my TV display every so often.