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You.i Apps Baked into Roku

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13 Jun

You.i Apps Baked into Roku

You.i Apps Baked into Roku

You.i television has added support for Roku Scene Graph 7.6. Apps built on You.i Engine for Roku support the monetization and discovery functions of the platform, consisting of deep linking, in-app shopping, analytics, and Roku advertising Framework (RAF). Filmstruck, the SVOD service from Turner traditional films, is the first customer for the solution. Roku technical support is the technical support system for the all users of Roku TV.

Further to Roku devices, You.i Engine also supports iOS, Android, tvOS, Android TV, Amazon Fire television, Xbox, play station, Tizen TV and Chromecast from a single codebase.

With a focus on portability and ease of deployment, You.i Engine is designed to provide a basis for integrations of back-end systems and app maintenance, and to allow development sources to focus on functions and platform nuances.

“By enabling brands to extend their experiences to a market-leading platform like Roku, You.i Engine is helping to ensure experience parity throughout systems,” said Jason Flick, co-founder and CEO of You.i television. “This indicates content providers do not need to suppose twice while seeking to gain most attain.” Roku tech support provides best technical support for the Roku customers.